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Akaga is one of the most popular Bulgarian bands formed by a group of National Music Academy students in 1992. The musicians in the band are considered to be the founders of the modern Bulgarian sound. Akaga have released 5 studio albums, the last one of which is called “Akaga on Twenty”. The band has been a musical host for a variety of TV shows like Music Idol, The Magnificent Six, Dancing Stars and Music Academy. Their latest track “Rockabilly Star” was recently released as a modern glimpse to the 60’s rockabilly style. Akaga are almost ready with their newest project featuring the multiple Best Male R’n’B Artist award winning vocalist – Lexus. The track is called “100% Funk” and will be promoted at Sofia Live Club – one of the largest live music clubs in Bulgaria – on March 27-th this year.

Akaga are the first small band, apart from the widely known big bands, to use a brass section as a main component in their music. Throughout their first years Akaga work mainly in Bulgaria. They release 2 albums (“Why” and “When You See”) and gradually their popularity grows. The way to the top continues as the band blows up abroad at the open-air Montreux Jazz Festivals in 1998 and 1999. Akaga releases their 4th album called “9” in 2000, which was followed by many changes in the band’s structure. For a few years, the band’s priority is performing live, mainly in Scandinavian countries. In 2007 the Akaga’s members are Krassi Kourtev (lead singer, bass), Georgi Velev (trumpet), Ivo Kazasov (trumpet), Krasi Kirilov – Jojo (trombone), Kalin Petrov (keyboards), Petur Glavanov ( guitar), and Dimitur Dimitrov – Dundey (drums). In this formation, Akaga return to Bulgaria and decide to do a concert in the National Palace of Culture’s main hall. The audience accepts them with a great warmth and this becomes a reason for the band to return to Bulgaria and settle there. Over the last 2 years, Akaga recorded three successful singles. The band signs with the Monte Music company and now works on feature projects with popular Bulgarian artists such as Grafa, Dicho, Toma and Spens. In spite of their studio projects, Akaga continue touring all over Bulgaria and Europe.
In 2014 they release their newest single with Lexus, called “100% FUNK”.







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