Mihaela Fileva And VenZi Announce BOYCOTT

Mihaela Fileva and VenZi announced BOYCOTT! This is the name of their newest song, which already has a video clip. The track took over the online space with a clear trend that this would be the new summer hit in 2017.

Iskrata Debuts His First Single

Iskren Tonchev is Monte Music’s newest member after his performances on Bulgaria’s Got Talent, which was judged by Mihaela Fileva. Grafa and his partner Magdalena Sotirova immediately spot his talents for composing and performing.

Victoria Georgieva Releases Her Solo Debut

A romantic ballad is the path that Viki’s artistic career is taking. Vladimir Ampov writes the music and the lyrics for Victoria and her astonishing performance is more than up-to-par with the song’s beautiful deepness and heartbreaking atmosphere.

Grafa Trusts His “Instinct”

One more track from the album “Momenti” is released as a audiovisual project. “Instinct” is one of Grafa’s most personal and powerful songs from his recent works.