Grafa and NDOE with the premiere of a common song – “CA$H”

Grafa and NDOE with the premiere of a common song – “CA$H”

“CA$H”is the name of the new song Grafa createf in collaboration with the NDOE rapper. Just hours after it was posted to Monte Music’s YouTube Channel, the video gathered the approval of the fans, and the most common comment is that “CA$H” will be among the hottest hits of summer 2019.

The music of the song is written by Grafa, the beats immediately catch on, and the listeners easily recognize the sound of accordion and violin typical of Argentine tango.

The theme chosen by Grafa is always up to date and close to everyone. “CA$H” tells us about the moments we don’t see way out of the problems, but it’s only on the surface. Grafa and NDOE are also intrigued by the theme for the people for whom “CA$H” defines the attitude towards the person next to them, and that everyone can be happy even without “CA$H” when there is friendship in the way.

The vloggers Stef, Stan and Tsuro are part of the jolly company in the video that has decided not to pay attention to financial problems but goes on with a party. Another famous image known from the TV screen is the actress Evelyn Kostova.

Behind the artistic nickname of NDOE stands the painter and creative director of an advertising agency – Georgi Kasabov. His song “Shte doidesh li s men,” (Will you come with me) which is a message that true love can be awaken and constantly exist, has accumulated almost 6 million views on You Tube. It is also the debut single for the album “Hiliyadi belezi” (Thousands of scars).

Grafa is currently finishing his new album, which will be released in early June. Meanwhile, he does not stop with his concerts in the country. In October and November he will be on stage with his musicians in Gotse Delchev, Smolyan, Kardzhali, Shumen and Kazanlak, and the tickets are already available in the network of Eventim.

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