Mihaela Fileva

Mihaela Fileva

Mihaela Filleva is a performer known from the hits “Kogato ti tryabvam”, “Opasno blizki”, “A dano, ama nadali”, “Prilivi I otlivi” and many others. She is one of the most brilliant young talents of the Bulgarian musical scene, gaining popularity from the spectacular music show – X factor.

She was born in Veliko Tarnovo. At the age of 6, she began piano lessons, but soon she realized that her passion was actually singing. She is prepearing with the best vocal pedagogues in her hometown – Maria Kasabova (classical singing) and Petya Krasteva (pop and jazz singing). Later, as a graduate of “Rumina” Studio, she gained a lot of stage experience, taking part in competitions and festivals both in the country and abroad (Moldova, France, Italy, Poland, etc.). Mihaela brings dozens of prestigious awards to the studio.

After participating in the TV show “Hit -1”, Mihaela became a leading national player at the invitation of the author of the show – Kiril Ampov.

She is a graduate of the National Academy of Music and received first place in the specialty of pop and jazz singing in the class of Stefka Onikyan. Her first academic year has brought her many musical successes. Michaela takes part in the reality show X-factor and becomes one of the three lovers of her mentor Maria Ilieva. This way she has participated in the finals of the show and got a flying start in her musical career.

A year later, in the middle of 2012, she became one of the artists in the line of the label Monte Music Ltd., behind which is one of the most beloved and successful pop artists in Bulgaria – Vladimir Ampov – Grafa.

On September 14th, 2012, the first single with her participation is released – “Kogato ti tryabvam”, along with the popular rapper Billy The Kid, followed by “Opasno blizki” with Venzy, “Day znak pak” with Absolute Animals, “A dano, ama nadali” along with Grafa and Venzy, the solo “Prilivi I otlivi”, “Ima li nachin” with NickName, “V reda na neshtata” from the Billy Kid’s album, “Edno naum” and “I az sam tuk” whose author and music creator is Mihaela indeed.

In the spring of 2014, Mihaela Fileva released her debut album “Incognito”, which includes both her hits so far and completely new songs. She then releases the eponymous single “Incognito” with an impressive video showing her unusual dance skills. Mihaela is expected to release another single from her album in early 2016.

Among the numerous awards she has received herself are the two-time “Woman of the Year” in music category by Grazia magazine, several times “Best Singer” by various music televisions, as well as “Best Text” by BG Radio for “I az sam tuk”.



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