Mihaela Filleva’s Concert Exceeded The Audience’s Biggest Expectations

Mihaela Filleva’s Concert Exceeded The Audience’s Biggest Expectations

Mihaela Fileva’s first solo concert in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture is already a fact. It happened in front of a 4 000 audience, for which nearly two hours of music, dance and show had passed very quickly, and the first meeting on a big scene with their beloved singer can be called “unforgettable” experience.

The noise and expectations of Mihaela’s concert were great, for it people talked about for months, and the tickets were sold out two weeks before the event. When the lights in the hall went out, everyone held their breath. Impressive music, dance and multimedia production made the audience sink into the magic of the show. Then she appeared – real, hearty, beautiful, and perfectly prepared for the thousands of glances staring at her. As early as the first minute, the audience felt that something great was about to happen – a concert in which every detail was crafted to perfection and an artist ready to give all she’s got.

Time was literally flying – the start was put in action with the iconic “Incognito”, continued with a mix of “Edno naum” and “Bez etiketi”, and the energy and synchronization between Mihaela, dancers and musicians filled the audience with emotion and admiration. The surprises did not stop – the organizers of the concert kept the special guests secret until last. It turned out that everyone with whom Mihaela Fileva had worked over the years supported her. The spark, with which they performed the summer hits “Tantsuvam samo za teb” and “Igraem za pobeda”, appeared on stage, and for the more lyrical pieces Mihaela remained alone with the musicians. The performances of Chocolate and Chronometry were beautiful and influential, for the second Svilen Noev (Ostava) joined the stage. Another strong moment was the appearance of Divna and Preya in “Dostap zabranen”. All the ladies, including the Trinity trio, stepped forward and joined the choreography of the song.

This was the most dramatic and emotional part came, for which the scene changed and the multimedia constructions took off on a big screen, for which the creative director of the concert, Boyko Shtonov, had prepared the exact and impressive visualizations. Mihaela sang the title track of her new album “Nova stranitsa”. The next surprise was the appearance of Pavell & Venci Venc’ for the performance of “Lyubov”. Then Mihaela decided to share in her emotional way her sense of the evening and the gratitude to all involved people – producers of Monte Music, the music director Borislav Boyadjiev – Borche, the musicians Vasil Krumov, Krasi Todorov, Vassil Voutev, Alexander Obretenov, the Trinity trio, The dancers from RiO Crew, and many thanks for the support to the media and the partners from Coca Cola and Huawei. Finally she concluded, “I would not be here if you, the audience, were not here. Thank you! “And the she sang the first song which lyrics and music she wrote completely by herself – “I az sam tuk”.

The show continued and the fans definitely refused to sit in their seats. One of Mihaela’s most important people, Vladi Ampov – Grafa, also motivated the audience to dance through the duet “Na raba na ludostta” for which special multimedia and choreography was prepared. VenZy was the next special guest with whom the sang together “Boycott”. The last song of the concert was the first in Mihaela Fileva’s career – “Kogato ti tryabvam” in a duet with Billy The Kid. The audience, however, did not agree the show to comes to an end and was screaming passionately for biz, and the following songs were “Opasno blizki” and “Prilivi I otlivi”. After the bises, Mihaela promised autographs and kept her promise – more than two hours she was taking pictures with her fans and handed autographs to those who were ready to wait. At the end of the evening, the main question everyone was asking was when and where will the next concert will take place? Monte and Mihaela made them sure that another concert will happen on even larger stage, but first of all they are planning a tour in the country.

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