Grafa Dedicates A Song To The Fight Against Medics Violence

Grafa Dedicates A Song To The Fight Against Medics Violence

Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA) and Vladislav Ampov – Grafa presented the videotape “Nadezhda”, created especially for the campaign of the professional organization “To save a vocation, does not deserve a punishment. #RightGrey”. The event was held in one of the largest hospitals in Bulgaria – UMHALSM “N. I. Pirogov “.

“Nadezhda” is entirely based on text and music by Grafa, who accepted the invitation of the professional organization to join the initiative to fight the growing aggression towards medics in the country.

“The messages of the campaign should involve everyone and the youngest. This was the reason to turn to the Monte Music and specifically to one of our favorite artists – Grafa, asking to join #BrownGroup of BMA. What Grafa has done is not merely professional. This is done with a heart, with a soul and with conviction, “said Dr. Ventsislav Grozev, chairman of the professional organization.

“The song talks about anger and hate, about aggression in general, and how we have to deal with these negative emotions. Here, however, we are talking about a great profession – the doctor. These are the people who help others, this is their vocation and the symbiosis between text and music and the messages of the campaign is very good. ”

The subcontractor thanked his entire team for the wonderful work on the creation of the video single and reminded that the main leitmotiv of Hope is “to find the light in ourselves, not to forget that we are human, to help others and to remember that aggression is not a path to success.”

The video presentation “Nadezhda” was also attended by Dr. Lachezar Zahariev from the Second Orthopedic Traumatology Clinic, as well as Theodor Tsankov – paramedic from CSME. Both medics were subjected to aggression by their patients and told about their experiences.

“Verbal aggression should not be underestimated because it confuses our work, which is related to the patient’s health,” Tsankov said.

His personal support for the campaign #ForwardGneva also spoke three of the actors filmed in the video to the song “Nadezhda”.

“My participation in this video has made two of my dreams come true – to work with Grafa and to participate in something that is worthwhile and meaningful, I mean the campaign of BLS #PreboriGneva,” said Danny Angelov, playing one of the doctors.

“My personal position is that when a person spends 10 years of his life in training so that he can then be committed to saving lives, and he also practices in the difficult Bulgarian conditions, it is unnecessary to receive in return aggression,” Danny continued Angelov.

According to another lead actor in the video Anton Praziazov, his participation in the video and the campaign is an honor and a privilege, and the eleven-year-old Martin excitedly said: “It was a brilliant experience and the campaign was really good.”

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