Vladimir Kirilov Ampov (born July 21, 1978), known professionally as Grafa, is a singer, songwriter and record producer. Born and raised in Sofia, by a family of musicians, Grafa began making music at a young age. His first public performance is at the age of 10, together with his parents he sang in front of thousands of people the song “Mom, dad and me”.

Until the age of 29 Grafa has eight albums released (“Gumeni chovecheta”, “Zelen hayver”, “6 e po-dobre”, “Tokov udar”, “Davam vsichko za teb”, “Iskam te”, “Ako ima rai”, “Slance v ochite ti”, “Chestno v ochi”) and more than 20 Top Ten singles in the Bulgarian charts and irrefutable number one hits (Slantse v ochite ti”, „Davam vsichko za teb”, “Seks za pari”, „Iskam te”, „Nai-shtastliviya chovek na sveta”, „Iskam te”, „Ako ima Rai” ) and many others. His success grows abroad – Grafa is the first Bulgarian artist to hit the number one at the MTV’s World Chart Express with “Vanilia”. He has eleven more songs aired in the program.

In 2008, he co-founded the music label Monte Music, responsible for the successful careers of many artists of the new generation in Bulgaria. The label features artists such as Mihaela Fileva, Denitsa Karaslavova, Rafael, Akaga, VenZy, Billy Hlapeto, Preyah etc. Grafa is the music director and composer of many of the songs of Mihaela Fileva’s debut album “Incognito” which won BG Radio’s Best album award in 2015. As a producer of some of the most popular artists in Bulgaria he stands behind many of the Bulgarian hits in the last few years.

To be music producer of other artists doesn’t stop Grafa to climb new peaks and consolidate his position of the top Bulgarian male star. Apart from being music producer, over the years Grafa has strengthened his position as the most successful Bulgarian performer of the present. In 2012 he released the hit song “Dim da me nyama”, along with hip-hop performer Bobo and beatbox champion Pe4enkata. In the following years, the songs “A dano ama nadali”, “Domino”, “Momenti”, “Drama Queen” and others which have conquered the music charts in the country. Between 2008 and 2017 Grafa released four successful albums (“Greatest hits,” “Nevidim,” “Dim da me nyama,” and “Moment,”) whose first release is sold out for the opening few months.

On April the 6th 2017 Grafa made breakthrough on the Bulgarian music scene. The tickets for his first show in the biggest Bulgarian hall Arena Armeec were sold out. He is the first Bulgarian performer of the present to achieve such a success and recognition of the public. More than 14 thousand people enjoyed his tremendous show. The successful concert was followed by a national tour in 8 Bulgarian cities. All the concerts were sold out.

On 27 and 28 November 2018, Vladimir Ampov – Grafa amazed his fans with two consecutive different and impressive concerts in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria with a lot of new music and magic energy. On the stage with him appeared the musicians Borislav Boyadzhiev-Borche, Miroslav Ivanov, Vaseto Krumov, Alexander Obretenov, Krasi Todorov, Ventsi Trifonov, trio LaTiDa.

Grafa has received many awards and nominations, including “Artist of the decade” award from Bulgarian biggest music channel – TV MM on the Musical Awards for the Decade ceremony. In his prize list he has the record-breaking 50 awards from different annual music awards ((The Annual Music Awards of BG Radio, MM TV, MelotVania, Fan TV, 359 Hip Hop Awards, BNR, SEE ME, Radio Fresh, BOX TV) of which repeatedly best performer, best album, best song, best video, best composer, best writer wins etc.
In December 2014, he ranked number three on the Forbes Top 70 Bulgarian celebrities and this recognition put him on the cover of the prestigious magazine.

One of his most famous collaborations was his work on the songs “Kradena Lubov” and “Chuvash li e” – duets with the Bulgarian pop-star Maria Ilieva. Grafa also collaborated with Orlin Pavlov and Liubomir Kirov – two of the most significant Bulgarian performers of the new age, on the smash hit “Zaedno”. The single has became in anthem of may charity projects and campaigns. Grafa often collaborates with the artists of Monte Music including Mihaela Fileva, Iskrata, VenZy, Preyah, and Billy Hlapeto.

In 2012, Grafa made a breakthrough in the Bulgarian show business by releasing the smash hit “Dim da me niama” (A Bulgarian idiom with the following meaning “I am disappearing quickly and without any trace”). The song is collaboration with the singer Bobo and the beatbox champion Pe4enkata. The single set a record in the Bulgarian airplay charts and is the most played song in the year of its release. “Dim da me niama” turned into a hit in neighboring Macedonia, as well.

In 2018 Grafa recorded his newest hit song with the most famous Macedonian hip-hop star Slatkaristika.

Grafa together with Monte Music is a music producer of the first season of the “X-Factor” show (Nova TV – 2011) in Bulgaria and the Medium Station’s authors musical TV show “Musical Academy” (TV7 – 2012). In 2016 Grafa alongside with Monte Music and BG Records produces the TV series “BG Versia”. Since 2017 he is mentor in the music show “The Voice of Bulgaria” (BTV).

Grafa is part of many charity projects especially those dedicated to children, children’s care, education and health. Grafa with the help of Monte Music organized a Nation Tour in 2015 to raise money for UNICEF BG. In 2016 he accepted the honor to be one of the UNICEF Ambassadors in Bulgaria and made one more concert for UNICEF in Sofia.

In 2017 Grafa wrote the song “Hope” especially for the campaign “Saving lives is dedication. It deserves no humiliation!”. The campaign against the violence of medics was initiated by the Bulgarian Medical Association and attracted tremendous media interest by focusing public attention on the important social issue.


2016 “Moments” – album, (CD, Vinyl), Monte music
2012 “There is no smoke” – double album (CD & DVD), Monte music
2010 “Invisible” – album, (CD), Monte music
2008 “Greatest hits” – album, (CD), Monte music
2006 “Honestly in Eyes” – Album, (CD, MC), Joker Media
2004 “If there is a paradise” – album, (CD, MC), Joker Media
2003 “I Want You” – Album, (CD, MS), Joker Media
2001 “I Give Everything For You” – Album, (CD, MC), Joker Media
2000 “Head”, single, (CD), Edita
1999 “Electric Shock” – soundtrack to electronic musical, (CD, MC), AVENews
1998 “6 is Better” – Album, (CD, MC), Marcos Music
1998 “Hunger” – single, (CD), Marcos Music
1997 Jump In The River, Single, Vinyl, Morris Music
1997 Emotion, Single, (CD) Tokyo International
1996 “Green Caviar” – Album, (CD, MC), UBP International
1993 “Ruby Men” – Album, (MC), Unison Stars
1993 “All Right Baby” – single, (vinyl)



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